Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Start Date and Start-Up information for Grade 7s and 8s

Here is a copy of the note that will be going home for parents of Grade 7s and 8s.

Grade 7s will need instruments at school on Friday, September 15th (day 4) for our first day of playing

Grade 8s in Mr. Christopherson's class will need instruments at school on Tuesday, September 12th (day 1) for our first day of playing.

Grade 8s in Mrs. Sitter's class will need instruments at school on Friday, September 15th (day 4) for our first day of playing.

"Dear Grade 7 and 8 Parents,

The Ruth M. Buck Band Team is excited to start making music this year! Here are a few start-up items that we would like you to know about.


Would like to welcome a fantastic new member to our team, Miss Robin Howell, who will be co-directing the bands at Buck. We are very fortunate and excited to have her join our staff! Her email is, and any questions about the band program you might have throughout the school year can be directed to her, or to Ms. Dolmage at
The team has started a blog where we will post copies of any correspondence that goes home in case notes are forgotten or lost. There is also a calendar with events and when your child will need to have their instrument at school. We will also be posting about the cool things happening with band in our building. The address is We hope you find it useful!

If your child gets their instrument from the school, it is here and ready for them. If you rent an instrument from one of the music stores, or you own an instrument, please make sure it comes to school with your child by Tuesday, September 12th. We want to get playing as soon as we can.

If your child plays clarinet, bass clarinet, or any of the saxophones, please make a quick trip to St. John’s Music or Long & McQuade to pick up a new box of reeds. We recommend Rico Royals (they come in a blue box) and a strength of 2.5. If you have any questions, the staff at either store are very helpful, or you can contact Miss Howell or Ms. Dolmage and we can help you out as well.

As always if you have any questions please contact Heather Dolmage or Robin Howell at or

Thank you for your support!

The Buck Band Team"